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Questions about Our Products


What is the best way to determine the desired color for my handles?

In our SAMPLE section, you can find overviews of all available leather colors. Please keep in mind that the representation on the monitor can always differ from the actual color. Therefore, we offer the possibility to order leather samples in advance.

How are Minimaro leather handles mounted?

All models are easily attached to the furniture front with conventional screws. These screws are already included in the delivery.

Can I mount the handles horizontally and vertically?

Yes, the orientation does not matter.

How do I know which drill hole spacing to choose?

Simply measure the distance between existing drill holes. For the FIRENZE and MONACO-2-PURE model series, the distance may also vary slightly. The recessed grip will be slightly shallower or deeper if the drill hole spacing differs. We can implement individual hole spacing for almost all models. Please let us know your individual dimensions before you order.

Are leather handles suitable for use in kitchens and wet rooms?

Yes, our furniture handles can be used in kitchens or bathrooms without any problems. However, please do not expose the handles to constant wetness or harsh cleaners. We designed the SOHO model specifically for use in kitchens and high traffic areas. Please keep in mind that vintage leather reacts to moisture, grease, scratching, etc. and quickly develops a strong “used look”. We therefore recommend our standard leathers in damp areas.

Are leather handles suitable for commercial use?

Absolutely! Our handles are often used in hotels and stores. They even reduce the risk of injury because they do not have sharp edges.

Do I need to maintain my leather handles?

No! You can clean your handles from dirt with a slightly damp cloth. Regular care is explicitly not required.

Can I personalize my handles or lamps?

Yes. In addition to the huge selection of colors, we can also emboss our products on request. Please contact us in this regard.

I need a special size or color. Is this possible?

Most of the time we can implement individual dimensions. Just write us an email with your desired dimensions and we will make you a quote. Individual leather colors are also possible from a certain quantity.

Which leather is used for Minimaro products?

We only use high-quality European cowhide. It is characterized by its durability and is particularly easy to care for. Especially in areas with a particularly high degree of stress, such as hotels, kitchens, stores, and offices, our handles find their application as a stylish accessory.

Can I order the same leather used for my leather handles cut to size?

Yes. If you would like to use the same leather for your other projects, you are also welcome to order it as a cut. We charge prices per sqm; please ask us about this. 

Questions about the Service and Ordering Process


What is the expected delivery time for my order?

The The maximum production time for each item is indicated on our website. If you require your order to arrive faster, we offer express shipping for an additional fee. Please refer to our shipping and payment terms for more information on delivery.

Can I return or exchange my ordered products?

We accept returns and exchanges on items that are in stock, including sale items. However, please note that we cannot accept returns for products that are customized to your specific needs. This allows us to offer a wide selection of products. If you are unsure about your selection, please let us know. It is possible to order color and product samples in advance to get exactly the product you want.
If, despite our best efforts, you wish to exchange your custom made products, please contact us. We will usually find a solution.





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