Leather Cabinet Pulls?

When people find out that I make cabinet pulls out of leather, they are often surprised. “Out of leather?” they ask incredulously. While leather cabinet pulls may be niche products, why does the use of leather for an everyday object like cabinet pulls seem so exotic?

Leather is an extremely durable material and a byproduct of the meat industry. It is one of the oldest materials used by humans for clothing, furniture, jewelry, tools, and more. Leather is used to cover objects that we hold in our hands: bag handles, car steering wheels, and even tennis rackets used to be wrapped in leather!

Leather Cabinet Pull FIRENZE-PRESTIGE in color COGNAC VINTAGE with white seams

Today, leather is more popular than ever and is considered a symbol of luxury, sophistication, quality, and style. Even if the budget doesn’t allow for a complete leather interior for a new car, at least it should have a leather steering wheel! Nowadays, even floors are made of leather tiles, and it’s said to be incredibly comfortable to walk on them barefoot.

Leather is everywhere: comfortable leather shoes, stylish belts, elegant handbags… except in one area, where leather material is niche, despite being perfectly suitable: cabinet pulls!

Fine leather is considered a symbol of luxury, sophistication and style.

Cabinet handles with leather transfer this luxury into a unique feel.

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We all grab cabinet pulls several times a day – in the kitchen to prepare breakfast, then in the bathroom and on the wardrobe, later in the office to open the file cabinet, in the evening at the bookshelf, and before bed at the bedside table. Do you notice something when you think about touching these knobs and handles? They are almost always cold, rigid, and made of metal or plastic.

Even if you are extensively involved in the subject – for example, when selecting pulls for a new piece of furniture, a built-in closet, or a new kitchen – you have probably not considered the possibility of choosing leather pulls. Cabinet pulls made of leather are simply unknown to most consumers, so they don’t even think about them. However, well-designed and properly processed leather pulls are the first choice for almost all types of furniture. 


Why are leather cabinet pulls so unknown?

This can be easily explained: cabinet pulls are a product sold in billions annually, absolute mass-produced items. All pulls are usually produced industrially in huge quantities and at the lowest possible cost, ending up as anonymous mass-produced products in hardware stores or furniture manufacturers. However, making a good leather cabinet pull always requires manual labor, which is time-consuming and expensive.

Therefore, industrial production is economically uninteresting, and high-quality leather cabinet pulls have remained a niche product. We fill this gap with our unique products.

Minimaro has become the world’s leading brand with the most variants of leather pulls. We are proud of this and are enjoying increasing recognition.

Thomas Eisenecker – CEO at minimaro -luxury furniture handles.

Luxury Leather Cabinet PUll FIRENZE-PRESTIGE, made of noble soft leather


These leather handles offer a special tactile experience!

Leather Cabinet Pulls Series

  • Countless leather colors available
  • Seam color selectable
  • Made of finest soft leather
  • Different sizes and variants