Leather kitchen cabinet hardware ROMA in a private kitchen

For our client, the U-shaped kitchen in classic white came equipped with nondescript standard aluminum handles. The challenge was to elevate the kitchen’s aesthetics without undergoing a complete overhaul. We opted for the ROMA leather kitchen cabinet handles in beige-brown leather with black mounting plates. These handles not only provided a significant visual enhancement but also delivered a pleasing tactile experience, enhancing the overall cooking environment.

Our choice of these exquisite leather kitchen cabinet handles perfectly encapsulates the timeless elegance that can be achieved in kitchen design. These leather handles don’t just look luxurious; they also feel luxurious. Their incorporation into the kitchen space not only elevates its appearance but also elevates the tactile experience of interacting with the cabinets and drawers.


Size 160
Color beige brown with black mounting plates.


Or choose numerous other colors and sizes!