Elevate Your Furniture with Vintage Drawer Pulls Made of Leather

Furniture handles may seem like small details, but they hold the power to make a significant impact when designing a room. Whether adorning drawers or doors, handles play a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of furniture. The choice of handles can transform a piece, giving it a modern or classic look. Among the options gaining popularity, vintage leather drawer pulls stand out.

The Rustic Charm of Leather Drawer Pulls

Leather drawer pulls have the remarkable ability to infuse furniture with a rustic and warm allure. These handles bring a touch of nature into the room, creating a cozier ambiance. Moreover, leather ages gracefully over time, developing a unique patina that adds character to each piece. By opting for leather handles, you can give your furniture a personalized touch, reflecting your style and taste.

Vintage Leather Handles: Perfect for Vintage and Modern Styles

Vintage interiors possess an enduring charm that captivates homeowners with their nostalgic appeal and distinctive character. To achieve an authentic vintage aesthetic, selecting the right hardware is essential. Vintage leather handles, with their worn and distressed appearance, effortlessly blend into the overall vintage theme. They accentuate the aged beauty of the furniture, emanating an authentic vibe. The warm and rustic nature of leather further enhances the vintage ambiance, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Interestingly, vintage leather handles are not confined to vintage styles alone; they also harmonize surprisingly well with modern decor. They inject a touch of unexpected charm and sophistication, whether you are revitalizing a vintage-inspired interior or introducing a vintage element to a contemporary space. In either scenario, vintage leather handles serve as the perfect finishing touch for your furniture.

Leather drawer pulls MILANO-PURE VINTAGE Edition in 8 different colors

The Enduring Popularity of Retro and Vintage Interiors

Retro and vintage interiors maintain their popularity due to their ability to evoke nostalgia and create a timeless atmosphere. In a world driven by fast-paced technology, these interiors offer a welcome escapeā€”a sanctuary of coziness and comfort. Vintage designs showcase exceptional craftsmanship and iconic aesthetics that have stood the test of time. They provide individuals with an outlet for expressing their personal style, allowing them to create spaces that are charming and uniquely individualistic. Ultimately, retro and vintage interiors combine the best of the past and the present, infusing homes with warmth, character, and a sense of enduring beauty.

Our Vintage Edition drawer pulls are made from specially tanned leather that develops a beautiful patina.


Elevate your furniture with vintage leather drawer handles and bring warmth and coziness to your home!

Minimaro leather handles in a distressed vintage look accentuate the trendy vintage design and are equally suitable for modern furnishing styles.

For these series, we use a special leather that has been coated with a wax layer after tanning. Due to this soft and scratch-sensitive layer, the leather develops a typical patina relatively quickly. This effect is desired with so-called pull-up leathers. The patina manifests itself through lightening caused by folding, creasing, scratching, and stretching. Stains from liquids, on the other hand, darken the leather.

Using vintage drawer pulls made of leather is a great way to add a touch of rusticity and warmth to your home. It’s an easy and affordable way to update a piece of furniture and give it a new look. So, if you’re looking for a way to add a personalized touch to your home, vintage drawer pulls made of leather are an excellent choice.

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Leather Handles MILANO-PURE in 5 different sizes and vintage colors


These vintage leather handles are very trendy!

Leather Drawer Pulls Series

  • Available in 8 vintage leather colors
  • Different dimensions available
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We also manufacture other leather handle models in VINTAGE leather!